Report: New Medal of Honor game teased in Battlefield 3’s box

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Battlefield 3 hasn’t even officially released yet and reports of its innards are already doing the rounds!

In a seemingly harmless and sincere unboxing video for the limited edition version of Battlefield 3, YouTube user Popogagnon uncovered a leaflet advertising something to do with Medal of Honor.

Battlefield 3 - Medal of Honor Leaflet Banner

You can watch the video for yourself over here if you’d like, but if you’re just looking for the Medal of Honor information then we can spare you the hassle.

Included inside Popogagnon’s version of Battlefield 3 was a leaflet with the letters ‘MOH’ and ‘1’ printed thereupon, with an emblem of some sort as well. Underneath, a website address:

It looks a little something like this:

Battlefield 3 - Medal of Honor Leaflet

Currently, the website is adorned with content for 2010’s Medal of Honor franchise reboot, but this could soon change when Battlefield 3 officially launches around the world this week and EA and developer Danger Close might start ramping up awareness around a new Medal of Honor by riding the coattails of Battlefield’s hype machine.

We already knew that Danger Close was working on the next Medal of Honor game, and we can now expect it to release in 2012 in lieu of a new Battlefield title from EA and DICE.

El33tonline enjoyed 2010’s Medal of Honor overall, but felt that the singleplayer was a little underwhelming in parts – read our review of the game over here and let us know what you thought of it.

(Thanks to El33tonline reader Smuroh for the news tip!)

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