Open-world Spider-Man confirmed to arrive alongside movie in 2012

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Word has been doing the rounds lately regarding a new Spider-Man game due to coincide with the release of next year’s ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ movie, and during New York Comic Con this past weekend, the news was confirmed.

The Amazing Spider-Man Banner Logo

The game hasn’t yet been officially announced, but at a panel during the convention it was formally unveiled with a few scant details, including the fact that this new Spider-Man adventure will return to an open-world setting, as opposed to the corridor and room traversal seen in Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time.

A reported trailer shown at New York Comic Con showed a realistic Spider-Man swinging and jumping through the city of New York – like the game, this trailer hasn’t been officially unveiled, but when more details arise we’ll be sure to let you know.

News of the Spider-Man game gained traction with the sighting of an ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ poster during NYCC which included logo details for publisher Activision and developer Beenox – you can see a snap of that poster taken by the folks at 1Up:

The Amazing Spider-Man Poster Image - Image found at

The Amazing Spider-Man (the movie) releases on July 3rd, 2012 in the US, so Beenox will have to hurry if it’s to create another quality Spider-Man game and avoid being shunned as a mere ‘movie tie-in.’

Psst. We’ve included a version of the NYCC trailer for you below. Watch it while it’s still around:

The Amazing Spider-Man – First Trailer (Direct feed)

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