Psychonauts gets Steam update and arrives on the Mac

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Holy cow! Did you know about this? Why didn’t anyone say anything?! The Excellent Game Psychonauts (just ‘Psychonauts’ to its friends) is now available on the Mac!

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Not only that, but Double Fine’s masterful action platform game has received an update for the Steam version of the game, while a new “companion iOS app” is now available via the App Store. What’s included in the Steam update? A “slightly modified” version of the infamous Meat Circus level, amongst others.

This is a great day, everybody.

The Steam update for Psychonauts also includes achievements and cloud saves, and as Double Fine President Tim Schafer says, the team is excited to “finally be answering fans’ requests for a more difficult Meat Circus.”

Haha, good one Schafer, you can’t fool us because the press release goes on to say that this gauntlet of jumps and split-second timing at the end of Psychonauts has been made “slightly less punishing,” as opposed to more strenuous. Phew.

Psychonauts Screenshot 1

Last, but not least, Double Fine has released its first ever product for iOS devices in the form of a free Psychonauts companion application for iPhone and iPad. Called the ‘Psychonauts Vault Viewer,’ by using the app players will be able to view all of their favourite Memory Vaults from the game (slideshows found in Psychonauts that reveal more about the different characters).

“Every vault from the game is included,” reads the release, “plus newly-recorded audio commentary from Tim Schafer and Scott Campbell for every slide of every vault. The app is available now in the iOS App Store.”


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