Journey’s release window locked down to 2nd quarter 2012

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Journey has been hitting all the right notes with the gaming public following a closed beta which took place in late June / early July. This whimsical adventure across rolling sand dunes and through mysterious ruins has an atmosphere like no other game out there, and seamlessly blends online co-op with solitary exploration.

We’ve long been wondering when this masterpiece-in-the-making would be released on PSN, and thankfully we’re now one step closer to being able to draw a big red ring around that hallowed block on the calendar.

Jenova Chen, creative director at thatgamecompany (the studio behind Flower and Journey), took to the PlayStation Blog today to announce a “Spring 2012” release date for Journey. That’s sometime between March and June for those of us living in the southern hemisphere.

While this is still some time away, it gives us something to look forward to once the deluge of video game awesomeness has subsided following the insanely overloaded holiday season.

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We’ve been following Journey closely here at El33tonline, with no fewer than three of our writers pitching in with previews for the game. Find all that coverage and more right here.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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