New details on PS Vita’s AR features emerge

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AR Combat Digi Q

We’ve known for a while that PS Vita comes equipped with some seriously impressive and advanced augmented reality (AR) functionality. This week Sony released a couple of new trailers which shed light on two types of AR which PS Vita will support – Markerless AR and Wide-Area AR (WAAR).

Markerless AR is the next evolution for the field of augmented reality. The PS Vita’s cameras automatically detect the play area without the need for AR cards, and you’re afforded a full 360?? view of the object(s) being displayed.

Wide-Area AR uses up to six AR cards in order to accurately render far more complex augmented reality scenarios. A brilliant example of this shown in the trailer below is dissecting an alien on a surface of your choice. No need to visit Area 51 anymore!

It’ll be interesting to see if the AR mini-games (and pack of six cards) shown in these trailers are offered as part of a separate package or bundled with the PS Vita for its launch in the West early next year. There’s also the possibility that they could just be tech or proof of concept demos rather than actual games.

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