How to fix the Dead Island save glitch on PS3

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Do you own a PS3 and are you presently enjoying an all-expenses-paid holiday on the tropical island of Banoi? Those pesky zombies getting you down? Wanting to exit your game but you’re never quite sure whether the autosave checkpoint has saved your current session?

Fret no more because there is light at the end of this dark tunnel!

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If you, like me, have been experiencing the savegame glitch on Dead Island PS3 and have either been teleporting all over the show or directly into a zombie gathering, then you’ll probably want to fix that little problem and get on with playing the game instead.

All you need to do is erase the game utility data installed from the patch and then play in offline mode so you don’t update again. If you’re not sure how to do this, it’s pretty easy:

  • Go to your XMB
  • Scroll to the game menu
  • Scroll up to the game utility data folder
  • Go into the Dead Island utility data
  • Press TRIANGLE
  • Select DELETE

Just make sure you’re not deleting your save game files (and that you’re in the game utility data folder).

To verify that it’s worked, you should now see ‘game saved’ at the lower corner instead of ‘checkpoint.’

Thanks to Devin Bell for helping me solve this problem!

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