El33t’s Pre-W33kend Post: Gears of War and rugby, together at last!

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The weekend always catches us by surprise here at El33tonline, but somehow we’re always prepared for it with stacks of games and activities planned.

Of course, the Rugby World Cup is still on-going which means a good portion of time sat in front of the telly watching people crash into one another at top speed (with expected consequences), but we won’t only just be watching colours move on a screen, we’ll also be directing them in a few videogames.

What are select members of El33tonline busying themselves with in front of the TV this weekend?


“I’m looking forward to having a very chilled weekend watching the Bokke go up against Fiji on Saturday morning and playing some more NHL 12 so I can submit my review soon. There’s been talk of Oltman lending me Deus Ex: Human Revolution so I think I’m going to have to chip away slowly at this lengthy adventure otherwise it’s likely to take over my life!

I hope everyone enjoys the sunshine in Durban this weekend and starts heading down to the beach now that summer is sparkling on the horizon.”

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“Well my weekend will be highlighted by the Rugby World Cup once again. I am really looking forward to the Springboks playing better rugby this weekend and beating Fiji on Saturday morning, and the Aussies whipping an injury plagued Ireland team. I will definitely hit the beach after the rugby on Saturday and get some good Durban sun.

I will also be making time to continue my NHL season as the New Jersey Devils in NHL 12… lots of hockey to be played! EA has done a great job with the AI in NHL 12 this year. I would also like to give the FIFA 12 demo a go. Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge will also be on the cards – if I manage my time correctly!

Other than that… the regular studying and getting assignments out of the way.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!”

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“Wow, another week has flown by and it’s the weekend! I will get stuck into some sweet action RPG action with Crimson Alliance, the free game that turns out to not be so free after all. That does not matter, as it is still awesome co-op beat-‘em-up fun!

Hopefully by the time you read this the postman has treated me with some other goodies. If that is not the case I will be dragged to the shops by my much better half to do clothes shopping. I am sure some people like that kind of thing, but me? No thanks. I don’t mind buying clothes at all, I just don’t like shopping for it!”

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“Greetings fellow gamers. I have only one thing on my mind this weekend and that’s Rugby World Cup. As I’ve said before, every day is Rugby World Cup Day until further notice.

Thanks to El33tonline, I’ve been given a really awesome break (reward?) from gaming and all those pesky zombies with my very own tropical island get away in a little place called Banoi. If you don’t know where that is, it’s somewhere in Papua New Guinea and just a stone’s throw away from the Rugby World Cup (thanks, team!).

I have to say this place is simply beautiful. Lots of fun, sun, and crystal clear sea. The service here is great but the locals are a bit odd. One guy in particular is a bit strange – he’s going around recording himself on audio tapes and then burying them or dropping them all over the place. Some say he’s investigating a virus outbreak or something. Just as long as he stays away from me and I don’t get whatever infection is going around, I’m happy!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going back to the buffet bar for some snacks…”

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“I’m hoping this weekend will see me spend some time getting re-acquainted with Marcus and the gang in Gears of War 3. If the review copy epically fails to arrive I’ll just have to play through GOW 1 and 2 again to tide me over.

Also having a lot of fun levelling up my character in Resistance 3 online, pursuing the futile goal of catching up to the tons of level 40+ players who obviously don’t work, eat and perhaps even sleep. Grrr.”

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“Everybody hurts… sometimes.

It’s time to put a full stop on a hastily written week and look forward to the clarity of a fresh, blank slate weekend. If that’s too literary for you, then here’s another pass:

Yo, it’s time for games!

My weekend looks set to be dominated by the tantalizingly excellent F1 2011, with lots of other writing to be done, too, all while… ‘gearing’ up for Gears of War 3 this coming Tuesday. Have you pre-ordered? Are you going to a midnight launch? If you’re in the Durban area, you might be able to spot a few El33tonline writers at Pavilion…

Enjoy the rugby. Enjoy the games. And enjoy some rest. Peace out p33ps.”

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The question is, what are you getting up to this weekend, everybody? Will you be making time for videogames, rugby and relaxation? Or is there work to be done, too?

Let us know, below!

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