TGS 2011: Sony details and prices PS Vita accessories

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Japan is the place to be this December when the PlayStation Vita makes its worldwide debut there on the 17th. Those lucky ladies and gentlemen with a bit of cash to spare after buying the feature-laden handheld and a game or two from the 26 titles on offer will probably be making a beeline for the accessories shelf, which will offer all sorts of official Sony extras for their precious new acquisition.

Among these are the items pictured below. Gaming-related gear tends to be more expensive in Japan so bear this in mind if some of the pricing seems a little steep.

You’ll need a memory card if you want to get the most out of your PS Vita, as it doesn’t have the internal memory to store music, videos and downloadable titles. The pricing on the 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB cards is ¥2 200 (R220), ¥3 200 (R320), ¥5 500 (R550) and ¥9 500 (R950) respectively.

PSV Memory Card

You’ll need to buy this special USB cable for ¥1 300 (R130) if you want to connect your PSV to a PC or PS3 via USB. It attaches to the handheld’s ‘multi-use’ terminal at the base of the unit.


The official PS Vita carry case will set you back ¥1 500 (R150).

PSV Carry Case

A protective film for your PSV will cost ¥800 (R80) – definitely a good idea if you want to preserve the pristine quality of its beautiful OLED screen.

PSV Screen Protector

We’ve amassed a heap of PS Vita coverage over the last few months, so feel free to read what we’ve been saying about Sony’s hotly anticipated handheld over here.

Source: Andriasang

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