Mysterious PS Move game revealed

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PlayStation Move

If you have a keen interest in abstract, artistic PlayStation Network titles like Flower, Journey and Linger in Shadows then you should be excited to hear that there’s another affectional PSN title in the works.

The mysterious project is being produced by Sony Santa Monica Studio (the team behind the God of War series) and developed by the Polish demogroup Plastic, who brought us the 2008 ‘interactive art’ PSN release Linger in Shadows.

Linger in Shadows Wallpaper

No other concrete details for Plastic’s new project exist
besides some murky gameplay footage (shown below), which tellingly features a PlayStation Move controller in the bottom right-hand corner at the 1:07 mark.

Personally, I can’t wait to see how this title builds upon the interesting and highly unconventional elements found in Linger in Shadows.

Stay tuned to El33tonline for all the latest updates on Plastic’s presently unidentified undertaking.

Source: Eurogamer

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