Sony Entertainment Network anounced, integrates PSN and other services

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At the IFA trade show in Berlin, Sony’s president of consumer products and services Kaz Hirai introduced the world to the Sony Entertainment Network, a “comprehensive, global platform” which aims to incorporate all of the company’s online services under one roof ‒ including the PlayStation Network.

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The Sony Entertainment Network (already being referred to as ‘SEN’) will unify Sony’s online music, video and gaming offerings into a single destination, with a website already live and running.

At the moment, the Sony Entertainment Network and the associated website seem to be a portal to Sony’s varying services. Trying to access PlayStation Network games and information, for example, will simply redirect you to the official PlayStation Network website, while accessing music service will redirect you to ‘Music Unlimited’ on the Qriocity website.

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The video section of the site will provide further information on a range of movies (with trailers and official details available), and a selection of partner services are also listed ‒ everything from Hulu, Twitter and Picasa to Netflix, NPR and flickr.

Attempting to create a new account on the Sony Entertainment Network will redirect you to a Qriocity account form, membership to which is said to provide access to “the best in entertainment on enabled Sony devices.” You can also sign in with your current PlayStation Network account details.

This move to incorporate Sony’s online services under one banner will “accelerate the integration of hardware, content, and network,” says Hirai, and will help the company unify access to content via its range of TVs, tablet devices, smartphones and music players, as well as through its portable gaming devices and the PlayStation 3.

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We’ll keep an eye on the Sony Entertainment Network to see how it’ll benefit gamers (and consumers in general) in the future, but for now it seems as though Sony is simply building foundations for easier access to its vast network of services and content.

Source: CNET

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