Mr. Freeze revealed in latest Arkham City trailer

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With so many epic titles being released in November it’s heartening to know that there’s Batman: Arkham City to keep us enthralled a month prior to this deluge of gaming goodness. London-based developer Rocksteady have already proved with Arkham Asylum that they’re one of the few studios who can make superhero games work, so we’re more than entitled to have high hopes for the sequel.

Batman: Arkham City Banner

The latest trailer for Arkham City reveals Mr. Freeze – yet another compelling adversary to complement the already impressive list of crazies inhabiting Gotham.

For me, this trailer brings back memories of the excitement I felt the first time I encountered the excellent assortment of bosses in Metal Gear Solid – fascinating characters with misshaped personalities like Vulcan Raven and Psycho Mantis. Your arch enemies in Arkham City seem similarly corrupted and I can’t wait to see how their individual boss battles play out.

Mr. Freeze

Batman: Arkham City will be out on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on October 21st in PAL territories. Be sure to read over our previous coverage of the game here.

How psyched are you for this game and what to do you think of the complement of villains revealed so far – fill us in on your views in the comments section below.

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