El33t’s P33k at the games of August: The Human Revolution begins at the Rugby World Cup

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We’re already a few days into August now, and there are still no signs of any quality game releases to keep us busy… well, with the exception of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet on Xbox LIVE. And Warhammer 40K: Kill Team on PlayStation Network. And the Resistance 3 multiplayer beta in North America…

OK, so there have been a few digital delights this week, but we’re still going to have to look a little way into the future to discover more game release highlights in August.

There are at least a few heavy-hitters in the list, and the team at El33tonline lets you know what they’re looking forward to in the latest El33t P33k!

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So what’s the team at El33tonline looking forward to this month? Let’s find out:


“August is a bit of a dry month for gaming, but I am still looking forward to a few games in particular:

  • The most prominent release of the month is clearly Deus Ex Human Revolution. It had a sequel which was fun but nowhere near as good as the original, a game I recently reinstalled with all manner of HD mods and add-ons. This means the it looks slightly better than it did, but plays even better. I am not sure this was such a good idea though as this new Deus Ex now has insanely high expectation mounted against it. What I have seen thus far has impressed, lets hope it plays as well as it looks!

  • Age of Empires has been a hit for nearly 15 years, and moving this franchise online is a pretty good idea. With persistent villages and some hero characters, this is a fresh lick of paint on a classic game. I am intrigued.

  • Then we also have smaller releases like a new rugby game to accommodate the World Cup, but no EA branding anywhere? What is going on here? Do they know something we don’t? We also have another Tropico game, a series I am yet to sink my teeth into, but with lots of fans around the world swearing it’s the best thing since sliced bread.”

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“We’re fast approaching that time of the year when all hell breaks loose and a deluge of awesome games sweeps onto store shelves. Although we’re not quite there yet, August is not looking too shabby with a couple of exciting titles coming out over the next few weeks.

I’m looking forward to checking out Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Rugby World Cup 2011 and Burnout CRASH! this month. Deus Ex looks interesting from a visual and narrative point of view – I always find cyberpunk to be an alluring genre. Rugby World Cup 2011 should help me get into the spirit of the real thing and Burnout games are just a pure dose of adrenaline.

I hope there’s something coming out this month that will prove to be a highlight on your gaming calendar!”

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“I’m quite keen on:

  • Xenoblade Chronicles

A giant Japanese RPG for the Wii by the makers of Baten Kaitos. The reports from Japan are really good, and I like the concept of a world existing on a giant statue, so I’m really looking forward to trying it out. Plus I just want to make the Americans jealous.

  • Burnout CRASH!

Burnout is one of my favourite racing series, and while I love Burnout Paradise I found the crash mode not nearly as fun as the staged crashes of Burnout 3 and Burnout Revenge. I do tend to prefer the racing aspects of Burnout, but crash mode has always been a multiplayer favourite and a game designed purely around crashes could be a lot of fun.”

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“This month is a bit lean with new releases, it’s that time of the year when the gaming industry takes a collective sigh and enjoys a short respite before the craziness of the October/November period washes over us.

Although there’s not that many new games that I’m looking forward to this month, August is gamescom month so it’s going to be super busy anyway. The El33tonline team is heading to Germany in a week and will be bringing you live coverage of press conferences, developer interviews, presentations and hands-on time with lots of AAA titles that will be hitting the shelves before the year is over.

So even though I may not be playing the games on this month’s release list, I will still be getting my fix by playing plenty of games at gamescom!

There are a few games that I missed out on in the past few weeks due to general busyness, so when I get back I’m going to queue Bastion, From Dust and Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet for download. I’m also super excited to test out Resistance 3 with the new multiplayer beta that’s launching next week.”

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“Unfortunately I’m going to miss out on the European Resistance 3 multiplayer beta starting August 10th, and although that’s certainly crummy, I’m more than happy to trade a chance to glimpse a look at Resistance 3 for the opportunity to go to Cologne, Germany and entrench myself in the world’s largest videogame event, gamescom.

As Lisa said, El33tonline will be at the show to bring you all kinds of news, previews, interesting morsels and much more straight from Cologne, so do not miss a haul of brand new information on upcoming, just-announced and unannounced games!

Practically, there won’t be much time to play any full, released games this month but I’m definitely looking forward to having a look at Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Burnout CRASH! and Rise of Nightmares for Kinect.”

El33tonline at Gamescom

What games are you looking forward to this month, p33ps?

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