Bungie celebrates 20 year anniversary with hour long documentary

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To mark Bungie’s twenty year anniversary, the Halo franchise creator has put together a mammoth hour-long documentary that takes a look at the legendary developer’s history, from the very beginning, through the Halo years, and into present day, with lots of thoughts on the future, too.

The video just been released, but what we’ve watched so far looks epically interesting, with appearances by studio head and co-founder Jason Jones, as well as another co-founder (and ex-Bungie developer) Alex Seropian.

Bungie Logo (Grey)

You can watch the full Bungie video documentary below, featuring interviews with videogame press, people who have worked with Bungie and, of course, a huge range of developers currently in the trenches of Bungie working on its next unannounced multi-platform project:

[Update] Welp, seems as though there’s a problem with the embed – you can watch the documentary at Bungie’s YouTube page over here. [End of Update]

Bungie 20 Year Anniversary Documentary – O Brave New World

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