3DS price cut details officially confirmed for South Africa

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Nintendo 3DS Last week it was announced that Nintendo’s 3DS would see a considerable price drop in the coming weeks in order to spur unit sales of the handheld ahead of this year’s important November/December ‘Holiday’ period.

Why November/December?

This is generally when the videogame industry enjoys record sales across hardware, software and accessories market sectors, so it would be wise of Nintendo to capitalise on this period by ensuring as many of its consoles are out in the wild at that time to stimulate software sales, while simultaneously keeping the handheld’s price competitive when it comes time to choose end-of-year gifts.

Price cut details were officially announced for the regions of Japan, North America and Australia, and while it was revealed that Europe and South Africa would benefit from 3DS price cuts, too, no concrete details were released.

Today, El33tonline has just heard word from Core Gaming, official distributors of Nintendo in South Africa, revealing price and date details for the country.

From August 12th, the Nintendo 3DS will drop to a recommended retail price (RRP) of R1899, which means that roughly R1000 has been shaved off – incredible valuable if you ask us, especially with the raft of stunning 3DS titles on the horizon!

El33tonline has collected together a number of 3DS game reviews since the handheld’s launch in March this year – find out which current games strike your fancy over here, and look over our extensive previous coverage of the 3DS to find out what you can look forward to in the future.

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