Sn33ky News: Double Dragon 2 remake, Battlefield 3 weapon customisation, Team Meat’s next game, EA’s million sellers, and Anarchy Reigns gets a story

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This edition of El33tonline’s Sn33ky News takes a look at a host of new information swamping the ‘net in the last day or so in the form of videos and interesting statistics!

Want to know about the Double Dragon 2 remake? What about the story of Anarchy Reigns? How many copies of FIFA 11 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (amongst others) has EA managed to sell? Find out about these topics and more:

Double Dragon 2 remake spotted for XBLA, subtitled ‘Wander of Dragons’

It seems as though a 3D remake of the classic Double Dragon 2 arcade game will be making its way to Xbox LIVE Arcade in September courtesy of Barunson Interactive in Korea.

For fans that care, this remake is based off of the arcade version of Double Dragon 2: The Revenge and will go for $15 on release. Here’s an extensive in-game video showcasing the Wander of Dragons in action:

Double Dragon 2: Wander of Dragons ‒ Gameplay Video

Does this game look like it’s going to respect or sully the memory of Double Dragon 2?

Team Meat’s next game teased in crazy kazoo ‘video’

Creators of Super Meat Boy, Team Meat have supposedly revealed clues as to the developer’s next game. Those clues (or clue) are well hidden in an incredibly zany video featuring the maddening kazoo music you would probably recognise from similarly maddening Benny Hill videos.

If you’re a Team Meat super fan, prepare yourself to tolerate the video below to discover those clues: or just wait until the game is officially announced and spare yourself some sanity:

Team Meat’s Crazy Game Tease

TEAM MEAT’S NEXT GAME!!1 from Danielle McMillen on Vimeo.

Anarchy Reigns gets a story, and heart, in new trailer

The next action-heavy title from Platinum Games (Bayonetta, Vanquish) has received a brand new trailer revealing an actual story that aims to weave the game’s disparate characters together: and it’s looking pretty epic!

Up until now, Anarchy Reigns has seemed like a mish-mash of brutal brawling and sequences of arena battles with a focus on multiplayer action, but with this new trailer there’s hope yet for a story-focussed component to the game.

Watch below and decide for yourself:

Anarchy Reigns – Story Trailer

Anarchy Reigns is due out in early 2012 – look over El33tonline’s previous coverage of the action game for more videos, information and collection of screenshots.

It’s over one million! EA’s list of million selling games updated

During a recent quarterly investor report, EA revealed new sales numbers for some of its biggest franchises, including entries to the Battlefield, FIFA and Dragon Age series. Life-to-date, the follow EA games (and games distributed by EA) have managed to sell the following impressive numbers:

  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – 9 million units
  • Crysis 2 – 3 million units
  • Dead Space 2 – 2 million+ units
  • Dragon Age 2 – 2 million+ units
  • FIFA 11 – 15 million units sold
  • NCAA Football 12 – 700 000 units
  • Portal 2 – 2 million+ units (not counting digital sales through Steam)


It’s over one million! EA’s list of million selling games updated

As a result of the currently-on-the-go Alpha test for Battlefield 3 multiplayer, a few videos of the action have begun to emerge and the most informative of these are YourGamingTeam’s series of weapon customisation demonstrations which go in-depth into how you’ll be able to make your weapons and load-outs your own when the full game releases in late October this year.

Watch below and have great dreams of Battlefield 3:

Battlefield 3 – Weapon Customization Part: 1

Battlefield 3 – Weapon Customization Part: 2

Battlefield 3 – Weapon Customization Part: 3

Remember, this footage is from the Alpha version of Battlefield 3, while the Beta test is yet to go live ‒ find out how you can get in over here.

Sn33ky News is El33tonline’s attempt to catch up with items of interesting and/or important and/or specific videogame information that may have become overshadowed by other more pertinent news, to help keep you informed with one great big dollop of collected trailers, screenshots and official information. Eat slowly.

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