Get excited about the Resistance 3 Survivor Edition with this new trailer

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Just in case you weren’t excited enough already about Insomniac Games’ upcoming blockbuster first-person shooter, Resistance 3, here’s a trailer of the Survivor Edition to take your excitement up another notch.

Resistance 3 Survivor Edition

Sony first released details of the pre-order bonuses and special editions for Europe in May, showing off pictures of the Special Edition, Resistance 3 PS3 bundle and Survivor Edition that will be hitting shelves when the game launches on the 7th of September.

Here’s a reminder of the pre-order bonuses that will be available across PAL regions:

  • SRPA Black Ops skin
  • Infected Nathan Hale skin
  • Air Fuel Grenade
  • Special multiplayer title: “Sentinel”
  • Multiplayer booster
  • Chimera tooth necklace (this one is a physical item!)

Resistance 3 Bonus Edition

The Resistance 3 Special Edition will come in a SteelBook case and will include a voucher code for all the pre-order items listed above as well as a vinyl effect Blu-ray Disc. The Resistance 3 PS3 bundle will include a 320GB console and a standard edition of the game.

Resistance 3 PS3 Bundle

Last, but certainly not least, the Resistance 3 Survivor Edition will include the content from the Special Edition but also includes other neat goodies. Such as Capelli’s canvas satchel, a life-size Chimera firing range target poster and ‘Fight for Freedom’ toy soldiers depicting Capelli and Chimera fighters. It also includes Capelli’s Journal detailing his journey, enemies and weapons as well as a SRPA hip flask and a deck of SRPA playing cards.

Get up close and personal with the awesome Survivor Edition in this new trailer below:

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Source: PlayStation Blog

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