Learn more about Need for Speed: The Run in this informative interview

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It’s not often that a four-minute interview can shed as much light on an upcoming game as the one below does. Jeff Sharma, Marketing Product Manager for EA, makes the most of his time in front of the camera to give us the low-down on what we can expect from the next instalment of Need for Speed.

Need For Speed: The Run - Action Art

Need For Speed: The Run will feature a linear story mode which places you in the shoes of Jack – a man who needs to win an illicit street race from San Francisco to New York in order to avoid mountains of trouble.

We already knew that you’d be able to get out of your car in the game, but it looks like this will be primarily to accommodate QTE-driven cutscenes. Sharma says that 5 to 7% of the entire game will comprise out-of-car escapades.

Need for Speed: The Run is looking fantastic thanks to the Frostbite 2 engine which is also being used in DICE’s technically stunning military shooter Battlefield 3.

Be sure to watch the interview below and catch all our previous coverage of NFS: The Run for more details about this high-octane multiplatform release. The game will be out on 15 November in the US, 17 November in Europe and 18 November in the UK.

Need for Speed: The Run – ‘New Concept’ interview:

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