Bioshock Infinite’s Booker DeWitt unveiled for the first time

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Bioshock Infinite - Booker DeWitt (Image Small)Irrational Games has been very careful in revealing the world, characters and story of the team’s Bioshock Infinite, and despite a number of screenshots, gameplay videos and collections of gripping information, we still haven’t caught a glimpse of the game’s main protagonist, Booker DeWitt.

Thanks to the latest edition of digital mag EGMi, that’s all changed.

Irrational’s art team has put together an incredible cover for the magazine, inspired by issue 141 of X-Men, ‘Days of Future Past,’ released in 1981.

Booker does have a bit of a ‘Wolverine’ thing going on, doesn’t he?

Bioshock Infinite - Booker DeWitt

Here’s what Irrational has to say about the cover, as well as the Bioshock Infinite feature in EGMi:

“That gorgeous cover, by Irrational’s art team, marks the first time we’re showing the official face of Infinite’s protagonist, Booker DeWitt. And while the Ken interview is the primary focus of the feature, there’s also a nifty sidebar with background on a number of Infinite inspirations like the 1893 Columbia World’s Fair, the roots of the female figure Columbia as national personification, and‒of course‒zeppelins.”

El33tonline is extremely excited for Bioshock Infinite ‒ dive into our previous coverage of the game to see why!

Look forward to the release of the full 15-minute E3 2011 demo in video form, soon!

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