World of Warcraft goes free-to-play: kind of

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World of Warcraft Logo In an interesting turn of events, Blizzard Entertainment has revealed plans to allow those (still) interested in the company’s hugely popular World of Warcraft massively multiplayer RPG to play the game for free: up until a certain point.

With the third World of Warcraft expansion, Cataclysm, the maximum level that players could rank up to was raised to 85, while the original level cap was put at 60.

With a new trial account initiative being introduced by Blizzard, you’ll now be able download and play World of Warcraft, completely for free, up until the time that your character reaches a level of 20.

With this trial system, players will also be restricted to 10 gold, while your trade skills will max out at 100. While taking advantage of this initiative, other features of World of Warcraft will be blocked, too, such as the Auction House, player-to-player trading and the mailbox. In addition, you won’t be able to create or join an all-important guild while trying the game out for free.

There’s another bit of good World of Warcraft news, but this time for existing players ‒ if you’ve already bought the original World of Warcraft, but not the Burning Crusade expansion, you’ll now be able to download and play this addition to the game for free!

Will you be checking out World of Warcraft now that it’s (kind of) free-to-play? Did you give the game a chance years ago, but were put off by the monthly subscriptions?

Now may be the chance to dive in.

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