E3 2011: SEGA and Warner Bros. Interactive news round-up: Aliens and Batman, Sonic and Rings

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Both SEGA and Warner Bros. Interactive brought games to E3 2011 that weren’t entirely known quantities while further demonstrating some of their upcoming titles that will, at the absolute very least, find die-hard fans in amongst the gaming masses.

E3 2011: SEGA and Warner Bros. Interactive

Let’s take a look at SEGA and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s biggest titles at E3 this year:


Sonic Generations Screenshot 2

Of the known quantities from SEGA, the most anticipated would no doubt be the next speedy adventures of everybody’s favourite blue hedgehog, Sonic.

Sonic Generations promises to put right the wrongdoings of past 3D Sonic games by including classic worlds and moves seen in previous franchise entries, while this time focussing on the 2D sidescrolling gameplay that made the series such a hit in the past.

A healthy batch of screenshots and gameplay videos made their way into the world during E3, all of which you can glimpse and absorb over here.

Rise of Nightmares Screenshot 4

First announced at Tokyo Game Show 2010, Rise of Nightmares is an Xbox 360 Kinect-exclusive title that uses your physical motions (punching, kicking, jabbing and more) to survive for one night against a horde of undead enemies, as well as a mad scientist.

During the game, you’ll also be able to make use of in-game knives, chainsaws and your own bare hands to “rip your foes limb from limb while uncovering the location of your kidnapped wife.”

The latest screenshots and videos for Rise of Nightmares explain why the game is so called:

Aliens: Colonial Marines Screenshot 1

Long has it been in development, and long has it been rumoured to be cancelled, but SEGA and Gearbox Software finally revealed the truth at E3 this year – Aliens: Colonial Marines is definitely alive, kicking and looking fantastic!

Aliens: Colonial Marines is said to bring “new levels of bone-chilling suspense and adrenaline-filled action to the renowned franchise,” and you’ll be up against the deadly and ghastly Xenomorph aliens as depicted in the films ‒ “the universe’s ultimate alien killing machines.”

Claustrophobic environments and blood curdling thrills are also said to feature, which is OK by us!

Warner Bros. Interactive

Batman: Arkham City Screenshot 2

A vast open city? Classic Batman friends and enemies? Bone-crunching combat and acrobatic world traversal? A second playable character? The grit and grime of Gotham? Does it get any better than this?

Warner Bros. Interactive and Rocksteady Studios are working on what is shaping up to be an action adventure game of monstrous quality and epic proportions in Batman: Arkham City, but also outrageous expectations following the release of the outstanding Batman: Arkham Asylum in 2009.

Releasing this October on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, will the publisher and developer pair be able to deliver on their promises and exceed expectations? We’re definitely holding thumbs, especially after seeing the latest videos and screenshots to make their way out of E3 2011.

The Lord of the Rings: War in the North Screenshot 11

It’s about time fans of The Lords of the Rings (and the fantasy genre in general) got to delve into the grand world and adventures that this property affords, and after a string of passable action games based on the franchise, it looks as though Snowblind Studios will deliver a videogame representation to finally fit the fantasy and lore as depicted by literary master J.R.R. Tolkien.

With The Lord of the Rings: War in the North, the team aims to bring a seamless three-player cooperative game to allow you and your friends to embark on a quest to overthrow Agandaur, Sauron’s chief lieutenant in the North, with the potent help of Beleram of the Great Eagles.

You can see Beleram in action with sets of brand new War in the North screenshots and videos while glimpsing the game’s fantastic set-piece action, too.

Gotham City Impostors Screenshot 9

Announced just ahead of E3 2011, Gotham City Impostors is currently in the works at classic game development studio Monolith, and the team’s latest game will see you take on the role of a wannabe superhero in Batman’s world of Gotham City.

Gotham City Impostors is a four-versus-four multiplayer shooter, and in the debut screenshots and trailer for the game over here, you’ll be able to witness some of the different gadgets, weapons and equipment available to you as one of these makeshift heroes (or villains), as the characters run around one of the areas of Gotham City.

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