E3 2011: Sony news round-up: PS Vita, Uncharted 3, new games, and spectacular showings

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All eyes were on Sony at E3 2011 during the week of June 6th, and everyone was expecting the company to not only reveal concrete information on its upcoming handheld, but also blow us away with brand new game announcements, with a good showing of known and upcoming games, too.

And for the most part, Sony didn’t disappoint. While there were no massive, unhinged game announcements (like, say, God of War 4 for example), we learned a whole lot more about the PlayStation Vita (including its name, obviously, and pricing) while seeing incredible new demonstrations of upcoming PlayStation 3 titles.

PS Vita

The most important set of announcements for Sony at E3 this year was undoubtedly to do with the PlayStation Vita, the handheld console previously only known as the NGP.

A solid release window for PS Vita is currently a little murky as any hopes of a ‘Holiday 2011’ launch as promised at E3 were dashed recently with comments by Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO Jack Tretton, but at least one major region will get to go hands-on with the device at the end of the year.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss Vita Image 1

Some of the PS Vita’s connectivity features have been demonstrated, while games such as Uncharted: Golden Abyss have been more fully reveal ‒ you can even get your very first taste of the PS Vita with an interactive online demo of the handheld!

And did you get into PlayStation Home to see the handheld there in full 3D glory, too?

Uncharted 3 was also showing in full force at E3 this year, with amazing screenshots, exciting new videos and an awesome trailer released to showcase Naughty Dog’s next stunning action adventure game starring our favourite hero, Nathan Drake.

Uncharted 3 Screenshot 1

The next game from thatgamecompany (flOw, Flower) enjoyed a good viewing at E3 2011, too, and more beautiful screenshots and a wonderful trailer became available to help us further understand this highly intriguing adventure through a deserted desert land, which lets you take control of a ‘cloth person’ to explore an ancient world.

Journey Screenshot 8

Two other known PlayStation 3 games, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One and Resistance 3 were also on show, but instead of feeling content to simply give us more of the same in terms of reveals, Insomniac Games blew us away with fantastic new demos of both titles ‒ very few studios other than Insomniac would be able to effectively pull off a family friendly four-player action adventure game and a gritty, mature first-person shooter!

And if we weren’t excited enough about Resistance 3 before, we can get more excited by poring over the details of the recently announced Doomsday Edition of the game!

Resistance 3 Screenshot 10

While it’s always great getting new looks at upcoming games, it’s similarly always exciting hearing about as-yet-unannounced titles, and luckily Sony was able reveal (and more fully reveal) four new PlayStation 3 exclusive titles in the form of the first-person multiplayer shooter PAYDAY: The Heist, the PlayStation Move game Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest, the next thrilling adventures of Sly Cooper in Thieves in Time, and an epic, far-reaching multiplayer shooter by the name of DUST 514.

And just to round out Sony’s E3, it was announced over the course of the show that the ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection has been dated for September!

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Screenshot 3

A disappointing showing from Sony? With so many awesome announcements and rock solid demonstrations, definitely not! But… we could have done with at least one enormous announcement of an unknown title (like, say, God of War 4 for example).

Overall, though, Sony made sure PlayStation 3 owners are happy that they are, while generating enough excitement and buzz around the PS Vita until the next big set of announcements.

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