E3 2011: EA and Insomniac’s four-player Overstrike announced with hectic trailer

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EA and Insomniac Games (Resistance, Ratchet & Clank) have today announced the results of the pair’s announced partnership in the form of Overstrike, a four-player cooperative action game for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Overstrike is seemingly a humorous, action-packed take on the spy thriller genre, much like Pixar’s Incredibles or even Valve Software’s Team Fortress 2, and tells the story of a crack team of operatives called Overstrike 9 ‒ a team that is now tasked with stopping a “shadowy organisation” from taking over the world.

Overstrike Screenshot 1

By the looks of the released screenshots and trailer for Overstrike, Insomniac’s much-vaunted flair for creating imaginative weaponry is accounted for, while the studio’s ever-present witty writing and great characters are also a feature of the game.

As a four-player co-op game, Overstrike will give us the chance to take on the role of “an ex-mercenary, a lifelong thief, a gifted young scientist and a decorated detective” to stop the global terrorist group threatening the world, and we’ll be able to use “lethal teamwork and an arsenal of fringe-tech gadgets” in order to achieve objectives, including the infiltration and destruction of enemy strongholds.

Overstrike Screenshot 2

Founder and CEO of Insomniac Games Ted Price said of Overstrike:

“Overstrike presents a unique blend of features that have long been a part of the Insomniac DNA: high powered gadgets, action-heavy gameplay, memorable characters in a deep and mysterious universe and of course a touch of humor. And since this is our first multiplatform game, we’re especially excited to introduce ourselves to a new audience ‒ one which may not have experienced our previous games.”

Overstrike will release (probably) some time next year for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Until then, have a look at some of the screenshots from the CG trailer: and then watch that trailer below:

Overstrike Screenshot 3

Overstrike Screenshot 4

Overstrike Screenshot 5

Overstrike Screenshot 6

Overstrike ‒ Debut Teaser Trailer

Overstrike Box Art (PS3)

Overstrike Box Art (Xbox 360)

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