Final Fantasy VI and Parasite Eve II now available on European PlayStation Store

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Parasite Eve II PSOne Classic - Box ArtLike many of you, I eagerly cycled through the list of new content on the PlayStation Store this morning. A lot of the featured items are complete surprises because there’s been no official word on the full list of games which would be available on the store when service resumed.

Two noteworthy PSOne Classics are among those surprises – Final Fantasy VI and Parasite Eve II.

I should point out that these games are not yet available on the USA store, but are present in all their glory on the UK and South African variants.

Final Fantasy VI is priced at £7.99/R95 and Parasite Eve II is going for £5.49/R65. Both games are playable on both PS3 and PSP.

If you had to choose between the two, I would recommend Parasite Eve II. FFVI is already available for plenty of different consoles, and is merely a remastered version of the SNES classic released in 1994. Parasite Eve II has only ever been released on PS1 before, and that was way back in 2000. Featuring stunning pre-rendered backgrounds, awe-inspiring CG sequences and solid action-RPG gameplay, it’s one of the premium survival horrors on the PS1.

We’ll keep you updated with the latest news regarding these two Square Enix classics’ migration to the USA store, so stayed tuned to El33tOnline for all your retro RPG re-release reveals.

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