New Bodycount screenshots and box art will have you wanting more!

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Codemasters have been pretty quiet about Bodycount, their upcoming insane-sounding first-person shooter since it was first revealed in March last year. But that looks set to change as the publisher today released a batch of new screenshots along with the box art for the game.

Bodycount Screenshot 1

Bodycount sees players stepping into the combat boots of a powerful and skilled operative with a ‘license to kill’ specific enemies known as ‘Targets,’ on behalf of a secret organisation known as the ‘Network,’ which is currently involved in a global power struggle.

You’ll be able to tear your way through destructible cover and a “shreddable world” to execute enemies and leave no witnesses. And you’ll also be able to team up in online multiplayer as well as a co-operative mode in order to more effectively “blast outrageous action and spectacular fire-fights from both barrels.”

Bodycount Screenshot 2

Bodycount is scheduled to be released sometime this year for the Xbox 360 and PS3. It was initially slated for a first quarter release so we hope to get a new concrete release date soon. Browse through our previous coverage if you’d like to know more about the game.

Bodycount Screenshot 3

Bodycount Screenshot 4

Bodycount Screenshot 5

Bodycount Screenshot 6

Bodycount PS3 Box Art

Bodycount Xbox 360 Box Art

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