Resistance 3 pre-order bonuses and special editions revealed for PAL territories

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Along with confirming the release date for Insomniac Games’ upcoming Resistance 3, Sony has also revealed details of the pre-order bonuses and special editions for both North America and Europe.

Resistance 3 Banner Image

If you’re a gamer living in the PAL regions then you can look forward to a Special Edition as well as a Survivor Edition of the game. And if you pre-order the game you’ll also get a few special bonus items such as the SRPA Black Ops skin and the Infected Nathan Hale skin (depending on your locale and retailer).

Want to hear more details?

Pre-order bonuses

Well, the SRPA Black Ops multiplayer skin lets you “return to the battlefield as one of the most mysterious and deadly soldiers from Resistance 2 and Resistance: Fall of Man.” You’ll also be able to “resurrect the fallen hero” with the special Infected Nathan Hale Infected multiplayer character skin, who as you’ll remember became infected with the deadly Chimera virus.

You’ll also be able to enjoy the Air Fuel grenade, equipping current hero Joseph Capelli with an “explosive advantage as he embarks on his journey across America.” This grenade releases a “cloud of highly flammable vapour, creating a huge blast when ignited ‒ perfect for taking out hordes of Chimera in tight urban spaces.”

Resistance 3 Infected Nathan Hale Skin

There’s also the special multiplayer title “Sentinel” up for grabs, so you can become a member of the elite unit of the SRPA. And you’ll be able to earn a multiplayer booster, starting on level 5 and gaining access to a range of character and weapon customisation options to give you an early advantage on the multiplayer battlefield. Last but not least you may earn the right to wear Capelli’s Chimera tooth necklace.

Special Editions

The Resistance 3 Special Edition comes in a steelbook case, packed with a voucher code so you can enjoy all the pre-order items detailed above. Nice. This version comes with a cool vinyl effect Blu-ray disc, “complete with the ribbed vinyl effect on the surface.”

Resistance 3 Bonus Edition

The Resistance Survivor Edition includes the content from the Special Edition but also includes other neat goodies. Such as Capelli’s canvas satchel, a life-size Chimera firing range target poster and ‘Fight for Freedom’ toy soldiers depicting Capelli and Chimera fighters.
It also includes Capelli’s Journal detailing his journey, enemies and weapons as well as a SRPA hip flask and a deck of SRPA playing cards.

Resistance 3 Survivor Edition

Resistance 3 will be available exclusively for the PS3 across the US on the 6th of September with the UK and Ireland following on the 9th of September and the remaining PAL territories on the 7th of September.

Flip through El33tonline’s previous coverage to find out more about the game, including our hands-on preview to get you excited. You can also browse some more images of the pre-order bonuses below.

Resistance 3 Chimera Necklace

Resistance 3 SRPA Black Ops Skin

Resistance 3 Air Fuel Grenade

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