Media Create Japanese Software Sales for week ending 22nd May: Akiba’s Trip demolishes Dead or Alive: Dimensions

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Akiba's Trip Box ArtThe latest Media Create figures are up, and once again Sony and Nintendo’s respective handhelds are the platform of choice for Japanese gamers.

Akiba’s Trip for PSP scores big this week with 58 150 units sold. From what I can tell it’s a mildly titillating vampire game set in Tokyo with action elements similar to the Yakuza titles.

Dead or Alive: Dimensions provides some much needed impetus for 3DS software sales, taking the number two spot in its debut week on the charts. I’m wondering if Koei Tecmo couldn’t have made more profit if they had developed the game for PSP, but perhaps Nintendo offered them a tidy sum to grace the 3DS with their popular fighting franchise.

Gungnir: Mayari no Gunshin to Eiyuu Sensou (Gungnir: The War Hero and the War God’s Demon Lance) is a new tactical RPG from Sting Entertainment and Atlus. It sells a respectable 16 355 units during its opening week on the charts.

Dead or Alive: Dimensions Box ArtThe PS3 version of Portal 2 debuts at number six. Although the Japanese variant lacks a localised dub, 8 942 units of the game still flew off store shelves during the last week.

The PSP is once again the leading platform for software with four games in the top ten, while the 3DS and NDS are joint second with two titles each, and the Wii and PS3 share third place with only one game apiece.

Software Chart

  • 1.) Akiba’s Trip (Acquire) – PSP – 58 150 [NEW]
  • 2.) Dead or Alive: Dimensions (Koei Tecmo) – 3DS – 23 078 [NEW]
  • 3.) Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 – Professional (Square Enix) – NDS – 19 290
  • 4.) Gungnir: Mayari no Gunshin to Eiyuu Sensou (Atlus Co.) – PSP – 16 355 [NEW]
  • 5.) Patapon 3 (SCE) – PSP – 11 458
  • 6.) Portal 2 (Electronic Arts) – PS3 – 8 942 [NEW]
  • 7.) Pro Baseball Spirits 2011 (Konami) – PSP – 8 032
  • 8.) Wii Party (Nintendo) – Wii – 5 043
  • 9.) Pokemon Black / White (Pokemon Co.) – NDS – 4 767
  • 10.) Steel Diver (Nintendo) – 3DS – 4 583

Source: Media Create

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