Double Fine’s Trenched dated with excellent intro video

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Trenched Artwork The next digital, downloadable videogame delight from Double Fine has received an official release date, and we’ll all be able to dive headlong into the studio’s mechanised, tower defence world when Trenched hits Xbox LIVE Marketplace on June 22nd.

How do we know when Trenched is due for release?

Thanks to a brand new trailer for the game in the form of its excellent introduction video, which keenly explains how one man decided to help the world with mysteriously gained knowledge, while another man sought to bring the world to you: and to its knees:

Trenched – Intro Cutscene

So: did you catch that date? June 22nd? Trenched, on Xbox LIVE Marketplace? Good. Look forward to it!

You can catch some screenshots, gameplay videos and more information on Trenched via El33tonline’s previous looks at the game.

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