Sit back, relax and understand Trenched with a developer diary

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Double Fine’s next creative downloadable game endeavour, Trenched, was announced earlier this year and is hopefully due to be released sometime in the very near future to give us all of the strategic tower defence jollies we can hope for, with the game’s own unique twist to the formula.

You see, in Trenched, you take control of a roving mech to let you roam the rolling battlefield as hordes of enemies rush towards your base. In order to fend off these nasties, not only can you directly attack them with your mech, but you’re also able to call in reinforcements at will to build defensive and offensive structures to help you defend objectives.

Trenched Screenshot 4

But why are you still reading my jibber-jabber? The strike team at Double Fine has put together an very informative video diary to explain a lot of what you’ll need to know before Trenched is release on Xbox LIVE later this year.

Watch it below:

Trenched ‒ Developer Diary

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