H33rsay: Quantic Dream prepping next project for PS3

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Quantic Dream Logo If you consider Heavy Rain to be one of your favourite titles, then you’ll no doubt be interested to know what Quantic Dream is going to develop next. I certainly am!

There’s no official word on what the studios’s next game will be (or even what platform it will appear on), but if you go on over to their website and click on the “Recruitment” tab you’ll get a good idea of what we can expect and how far away it is.

Firstly, the fact that they are still searching for a Senior Game Designer who will be responsible for its “next title on console” and will be “in charge of gameplay mecanics from early concept to balancing” suggests that the developer is still in the very first stages of development. From this information I seriously doubt any sort of announcement about Quantic Dream’s latest project will be made at this year’s E3.

Reading through the other position descriptions strongly suggests that its next title will be a big-budget (i.e. AAA) PlayStation 3 title.

Take a look at the following evidence:

“We are seeking a Senior Environment Artist responsible for the creation of high quality, visually stunning and industry leading real-time sets.

Skills required:

  • 3+ years of art creation experience in an equivalent position within a leading games studio. Must have shipped at least 1 current generation AAA title ;”

“We are looking for a senior graphic programmer to join the graphic engine team[…] You will work with artists to analyse their needs and help to improve performance on the Playstation 3 platform while providing documentation on developed modules.

Skills required:

  • At least 8 years of experience on AAA titles development, must have shipped 3 titles ;
  • At least 3 years of experience on PS3 programming ;”

It’s doubtful that Quantic Dream’s next game will also be released on Xbox 360, given the amount of funding Sony poured into Heavy Rain and the good relationship Quantic Dream seem to enjoy with the platform holders.

I also think that the evidence points to only one project being undertaken by the studio for the foreseeable future. It would be great if we got a Quantic Dream NGP title some day, but perhaps another company can port Heavy Rain to the powerful handheld in the meantime.

Many of the positions advertised on Quantic Dream’s website don’t require a knowledge of French so if you meet the requirements and don’t mind relocating to Paris please go right ahead. The sooner they are fully staffed the sooner they can get the project in full swing.

What are you hoping for in Quantic Dream’s next game, and which platforms would you like to see supported? Feel free to leave your opinions in the comments section below.

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