Rio Review (PlayStation 3)

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Oh boy. I know what you are thinking, and I thought the same thing: another CGI animated movie and its obligatory ‘pants’ game. Do these people never learn? Well, O guess they do learn. They have learned that a kid’s movie is a cash cow when it comes to the accompanying game as all kids will cry and scream until their parents just buy them the title. In the meantime, we adults have to sit through hours of pure nonsense to try and show interest in this rubbish drivel.

But I was surprised by Rio, the latest movie-game cash-in. Sure, the game will keep you occupied for all of fifteen minutes, but this game does not pretend to be for you at all. From the very get go it’s clear that this game is aimed straight at the younger gamer. And by younger I mean ten and below. Now before you scoff and laugh it off as an educational toy, you might want to pay attention since a lot of us either have kids or will have kids soon, and this game is the perfect way to get them interested in our beloved hobby.

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