Debut Soul Calibur V teaser trailer and artwork unfold on the stage of history

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Soul Calibur V Banner Logo

Thanks to Namco Bandai’s recent press event in Dubai, the fifth entry to the Soul Calibur series has been officially announced, with a debut teaser trailer released to prove its existence.

Due out next year, the main protagonist in Soul Calibur V is known as Patroclus, the son of Sophitia, while the game itself is said to continue the story of Soul Calibur IV, only set seventeen years after the events of that game.

We’ll get more information on Soul Calibur V at this year’s E3 early next month, but for now you can watch the debut teaser trailer, and maybe put the video on loop to have the tale of swords and souls retold to you: eternally:

Soul Calibur V ‒ Debut Teaser Trailer

Soul Calibur V Artwork Image 1

Soul Calibur V Artwork Image 2

Soul Calibur V Artwork Image 3

Soul Calibur V Artwork Image 4

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