Epic and astounding Dark Souls trailer confirms October release!

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[Update] While Dark Souls has been confirmed to be releasing in October in the West, the game will launch in Japan in September, exclusive to the PlayStation 3 (the West gets it on PS3 and Xbox 360.)

Additionally, more information on a collector’s edition of Dark Souls will be revealed soon as Namco Bandai has recorded ‘excellent’ pre-order numbers for the title.

[End of Update]

Here’s an early birthday present for Tom!

Dark Souls Screenshot 4

Ahead of the publisher’s press event in Dubai, Namco Bandai has released another stunning trailer for From Software’s upcoming action RPG epic, Dark Souls.

Quiet down in front! We’re trying to watch… and absorb:

Dark Souls – Gameplay Trailer

According to this latest trailer for Dark Souls, the game will release in October of this year.


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