White Knight Chronicles II Blu-ray to include original WKC

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White Knight Chronicles 2 Box ArtDon’t you love it when you purchase a game and you discover all sorts of free goodies on the disc?

Well, this time round I’m going to spoil the surprise for you by revealing that White Knight Chronicles II on PlayStation 3 will come bundled with a fully remastered version of the original game; all on one Blu-ray disc.

What exactly “fully remastered” means is unclear at this stage, but apparently it was re-developed alongside its sequel, and therefore includes many of the improvements present in White Knight Chronicles II.

White Knight Chronicles II has been out for nearly a year already in Japan so here’s hoping it doesn’t feel too dated when it arrives on our shores sometime during the next few months (a release date is due to be announced soon).

Until then, have a gander at the imposing box art for this title and stay tuned to El33tonline for more White Knight Chronicles II details in the near future, while stealing a glimpse at the title with a batch of screenshots and trailers.

White Knight Chronicles 2 Box Art (Large)

Source: PlayStation.Blog.EU

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