inFamous 2 showcased with crushing videos and mighty screens

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Ahead of a media showcase event at the studios of Sucker Punch, the developer has released a massive batch of gameplay videos and screenshots to give those of us unable to make it to the event a generous glimpse into the world of inFamous 2, and a look at the kinds of (enormous) enemies and (fantastic) action we can expect from the game.

inFamous 2 Screenshot 1

When we say that the videos and screenshots are mighty and crushing, we really do mean it!

Find out what you can expect to see with a report from Sucker Punch Productions’ Brian Fleming, and treat yourself to this amazing haul of new inFamous 2 media:

“First, a battle with the monster we call The Behemoth, writes Fleming on the PlayStation Blog. “If you remember way way back to our E3 demos last year, we hinted at the existence of this monster:Well, here’s your chance to see him! As far as inFAMOUS 2 goes, he’s one of the most important enemies we’ve built. We showed an early version of him at our very first greenlight meetings back in December 2009. Seems like a long time ago!

“Second, we’ll show a mission called Forced Conduits,” Fleming continues. “If you’ve been following along closely, you know that Conduits are people who are candidates to become super powered. But in this mission, we find out that someone has figured out how to somehow force ordinary people to become conduits: An interesting development in the narrative of inFAMOUS 2!”

Here’s that particular video:

inFamous 2 ‒ Forced Conduits and Demons Gameplay

“Finally, we’ll show a handful of missions created in our User-Generated Content tools,” concludes Fleming. “I got the chance to play through these missions over the weekend, and the exciting thing for me was the diversity of gameplay being built by the QA staff helping us get ready for our inFAMOUS 2 Limited Beta (on Tuesday!). We’ll be showing nicely created combat scenarios, a very cleverly told story mission, and a lyrical reference to an arcade game gone by. A good set overall!”

And here’s that video:

inFamous 2 ‒ Zeke’s Story and invaders User Generated Content Gameplay

Check out the rest of the awesome new screenshots for inFamous 2 (due for release on June 7th on PlayStation 3), and also be sure to browse through El33tonline’s previous coverage of this action adventure game for even more media and information!

inFamous 2 Screenshot 2

inFamous 2 Screenshot 3

inFamous 2 Screenshot 4

inFamous 2 Screenshot 5

inFamous 2 Screenshot 6

inFamous 2 Screenshot 7

inFamous 2 Screenshot 8

Source: US PlayStation Blog

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