How can you get access to the Resistance 3 multiplayer beta?

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Resistance 3 Screenshot 1

There are two ways to get into the upcoming multiplayer beta for Resistance 3, depending on where in the world you live.

Live in the US? You’ll need to pick up a copy of SOCOM 4. If you’re in a PAL (i.e. EMEA) region, however, you’ll need to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber to stand a chance of getting into the taster.

If you’re going the SOCOM 4 (aka Special Forces) route, you should look out for specially marked copies of this intriguing third-person military shooter when it’s released on April 19th to be eligible for access to the Resistance 3 beta.

The special callout on the SOCOM 4 box looks a little something like this:

SOCOM 4 US Box Art - Large

If you’re going the PlayStation Plus subscriber route, you should look out for further details on how and when you’ll be able to gain access to the Resistance 3 beta ‒ naturally, El33tonline will keep you in the loop on this.

It’s a little difficult to predict if all PlayStation Plus members in EMEA regions will be able to play in the multiplayer demo (beta participants in the past have been chosen, or required to get in ‘first’), but we’re hoping every subscriber will be given a chance to play this crazy-exciting game ahead of its release in September

Resistance 3 Screenshot 3

Did I mention Resistance 3 is crazy-exciting? Just read over Lisa’s hands-on preview of the game from the PlayStation Experience event earlier this year to see why ‒ the excitement is infectious indeed!

Resistance 3 is due for release on September 6th this year – don’t miss El33tonline’s past looks at the game for truckloads of awesome screenshots, in-game videos and information.

Source: European PlayStation Blog and US PlayStation Blog

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