Capcom unleashes countdown site for ‘DD’ ‒ let’s celebrate!

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Of all the things in this world, gamers enjoy learning about upcoming games through the use of teaser websites featuring a countdown clock, ticking down to the time when we finally discover more about the game in question.

This is, without a doubt, our favourite pastime. Not the act of gaming itself. Not poring over screenshots and trailers and reading real information on exciting new games. Not doing something constructive. No.

We love countdown clocks for games that haven’t been announced yet and thus give us no clue as to the reveal itself.

Capcom DD Countdown Clock

Hearing our calls for more countdown clocks, Capcom has put one up for a project simply titled ‘DD.’ Could this be connected to a recent trademark filing by Capcom for something called ‘Dragon’s Dogma’? Could this game be revealed in an upcoming issue of Japanese game mag, Famitsu?

According to reports floating around the ‘net, we can expect some news on this mystery game next week as Capcom is holding its annual Captivate event in the US. The embargo for all information coming out of that event is April 12th – just as the countdown clock tocks its last tick.

Consider me intrigued!

Source: Andriasang and 1Up

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