Capcom cancels Megaman Universe, fans breathe a sigh of relief

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Mega Man Universe Small Logo After a strange and tangled period of development for Capcom’s announced Megaman Universe, and very murky and unimpressive showings of the game, it’s just been announced that the publisher has cancelled work on the title.

Due for release later this year as a downloadable title for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Megaman Universe was billed as “a revolutionary take on the seminal classic, setting course for a new chapter in classic gaming.”

Now all development on the title has been cancelled, with an announcement showing up on the game’s official website (and translated by reliable NeoGAF member, duckroll.)

While it’s always sad to hear about the cancellation of games, I personally think it’s for the best ‒ from previous showings and the lack of any real concrete information, the game seemed like a dud and may have hurt the Megaman franchise rather than help it on the way back to mainstream popularity.

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