Get early inFamous 2 hands-on with the upcoming content creation beta

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Earlier this month, Sucker Punch revealed details on how the studio’s inFamous 2 will incorporate ‘user-generated content’ into the game world, that ever-popular feature used to put content creation tools in the hands of players in order to allow us all to become amateur game designers and developers for a few hours.

Handily, this allowance simultaneously provides hundreds of thousands (and millions) of new pieces of downloadable content for a game months (and years) after its release.

inFamous 2 Logo

In inFamous 2, Sucker Punch will be inviting players to create their own in-game missions in the categories of ‘Defence,’ ‘Escort,’ ‘Search and Destroy,’ ‘Survival’ and “much more,” and these user-created missions will then automatically appear in other gamers’ adventures if you’re hooked up online.

Of course, you’ll be able to choose whether or not user-created levels show up in your game world, but this feature potentially adds thousands of new missions to inFamous 2 in the long run: maybe much more!

Watch a trailer showing off this new feature below:

inFamous 2 ‒ User-generated Content Trailer

To try and inject as many user-created missions into inFamous 2 before the game launches in early June, Sucker Punch is going to be running an online beta for the title next month with access opening up exclusively to PlayStation Plus subscribers and PS3 owners, with the “inFAMOUS 2 Limited Release User Generated Content (UGC) Beta.”

In order to qualify, you’ll need to take note of these two separate sign-up processes for the US and PAL regions:

US inFamous 2 Beta Sign-ups

If you’re in the US, you’ll need to sign up at the official website (even if you’ve done so before), starting from now. Sucker Punch warns that sign-ups will only last one week, until the end of March 21st. Participants for the Beta Test will be chosen and sent a Beta Voucher for access, and the beta process will begin on April 12th.

“The Beta Vouchers will be sent out in phases, so if you do not get one immediately, you may receive one later on,” writes Sucker Punch on the PlayStation Blog. “Don’t let it get spam-filtered out, because it’s the only way you can get in!”

PAL Region inFamous 2 Beta Sign-ups

In Europe, the UK, South Africa, Australasia (and other PAL regions), participants for the inFamous 2 beta will be chosen members of PlayStation Plus, and access will be granted, again, on April 12th. Unfortunately, not all PS Plus members in PAL regions will gain access, but more details will be incoming soon.

“Keep in mind,” writes Sucker Punch, “the best of these missions will be handpicked by Sucker Punch to auto-populate into every user’s game world on or near the launch day of inFamous 2.”

Source: US PlayStation Blog and the European PlayStation Blog

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