The El33tonline Podcast for the week of March 14th: A Raucous Caucus

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This week on the El33tonline Podcast, Oliver is visited by a raucous caucus of Hadedas (the common Ibis) as Lisa and Tom talk over the noise to discuss the awesomeness of MotorStorm Apocalypse, the fantastic Mortal Kombat demo, Uncharted 3’s new villain, new videogame movies, how excellent Uncharted 2 multiplayer is, announcements regarding Ape Escape and White Knight Chronicles, as well as February NPD results for the US videogame industry.

We wrap up with release date news for an insane week of videogame launches and newly dated titles, while reminding you about El33tonline’s huge range of new competitions and this week’s El33t M33ts!

Listen in to the El33tonline Podcast for the week of March 14th, and let us know your thoughts on our thoughts below.

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