Bulletstorm Review (PS3)

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In the past I’ve used many words and terms to describe Bulletstorm: ‘Raucous.’ ‘Insane.’ ‘Over-the-top.’ ‘Explosive.’ ‘Intense.’ All of these are accurate when discussing any single aspect of People Can Fly’s latest first-person shooter, from second-to-second enemy battles and the range of weaponry, to the available set of combat abilities, enormous set-piece action and far-reaching sense of adventure.

I’ve also used another term to describe Bulletstorm: ‘Dude-bro.’ In most social circles, this term is somewhat derisive and refers to stereotypical juvenile behaviour on the part of males aged anywhere from their early teens to late twenties ‒ gratuitous blue language and jokes referring to human genitalia and defecation are usually the order of the day for members of the ‘dude-bro’ social club.

Bulletstorm Screenshot 1

Is Bulletstorm ‘dude-bro’ in its presentation? Yes. Will this affect your enjoyment of the game, either negatively or positively? Yes. Can the ‘dude-bro’-ness of Bulletstorm be overlooked for long enough to get through the eight hour singleplayer campaign, and engage in ‘intense,’ ‘over-the-top’ and ‘explosive’ set-piece action to see this game unfurl like a mighty, extremely rude flower?

That depends on you. Let’s find out.

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