The El33tonline Podcast for the week of March 7th: Come back next week!

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Hey everybody,

There’s no El33tonline Podcast this week due to the fact that we’re collectively busier than John Carmack at the moment and didn’t have a spare moment to get together and record our rambling utterances.

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We’ll be back again next week, though, so until then you can listen to last week’s podcast over here, and subscribe to the El33tonline Podcast and tune in to our previous recordings over here.

It also wouldn’t hurt to look over El33tonline’s coverage of the recent Nintendo 3DS pre-launch event in Johannesburg (here’s the full report with photos, and another write-up on the fantastic entertainment, also with photos), which is what we would have spoken about this week anyway.

Next week!

(PS. You didn’t get that ‘John Carmack’ nerd joke? That’s alright – it was barely there.)

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