Anarchy Reigns developer interview and gameplay video talks new ATE feature, screenshots freeze the action

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Platinum Games’ next title, Anarchy Reigns, is a little different from the developer’s previous singleplayer-focussed efforts like Vanquish and Bayonetta, and will this time include a wide-ranging multiplayer component so that many more players will be able to get into the brutal melee brawling action later this year.

Anarchy Reigns Screenshot 1

In this video interview with Platinum Games’ Atushi Inaba, we not only learn about a new feature called ‘Action Trigger Events’ (or ATEs) that aim to level the playing field for veteran and novice gamers who happen to meet up online, but there is also a massive amount of in-game footage from Anarchy Reigns included.

Check it:

Anarchy Reigns ‒ Developer Interview and Gameplay Trailer

Anarchy Reigns, billed as a multiplayer brawling game (but with a full singleplayer campaign) is due for release later this year on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Have a rummage through El33tonline’s previous coverage to find out about the game’s characters with more videos and screenshots, and tons more information.

Anarchy Reigns Screenshot 2

Anarchy Reigns Screenshot 3

You can also see two newly introduced Anarchy Reigns characters below: Mathilda and Blacker Baron!

From a Platinum Games Twitter tweet:

“We also added two new characters to the roster: Mathilda and, by popular demand, Blacker Baron. Super Sexy Fists of Fire, baby!”

Here you go:

Anarchy Reigns Screenshot 4

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