Rocking inFamous 2 trailer reveals the path of the Hero and Villain

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The original inFamous had a pretty black and white morality system included in the story that allowed you to make (basically) ‘good’ or ‘bad’ decisions throughout the adventure, and as Cole MacGrath became more and more powerful and discovered more abilities, these decisions disappointingly never became any more complex or intricate.

inFamous 2 Screenshot 2

Developer Sucker Punch looks set to rectify this situation with the upcoming inFamous 2, however, and in the included ‘Duality’ trailer for this highly explosive action adventure game, we get extended looks at exciting new opportunities to either wreak havoc with exciting new powers, or save the citizens of New Marais with these potentially destructive abilities:

inFamous 2 ‒ Duality Trailer

inFamous 2 is scheduled for release on June 7th in North America, while a solid release date hasn’t yet been confirmed for other territories.

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