Bulletstorm destroys North America today! Get ready! [Update]

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[Update] Added news of Bulletstorm’s first DLC and an eh-x-plosive launch trailer for the game below – don’t miss it! [End of Update]

Bulletstorm is about to launch itself all over North America today, on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC!

This raucously insane first-person shooter will of course become available later this week in Europe, the UK and South Africa, but it’s the Americans that will first need to get prepared for People Can Fly, Epic and EA’s supremely over-the-top action game!

Bulletstorm Screenshot 3

Luckily, El33tonline has amassed an enormous amount of previous coverage with extensive looks at Bulletstorm including huge batches of screenshots, vast collections of crushing gameplay trailers, our hands-on preview, and video interviews with developers behind the game.

If none of that is enough, then… sigh

We’ve included a TV advert for Bulletstorm below, how about that?

Bulletstorm – TV Spot

Are you ready for Bulletstorm yet?

If you answered ‘Yes,’ then you’re wrong.

Bulletstorm – Launch Trailer

Bulletstorm is available now in North America, and will hit retailers in Europe, the UK and South Africa on February 25th (this week!).

In addition, Bulletstorm’s first downloadable content pack, Gun Sonata, has been announced. This content will include three new maps for the Anarchy multiplayer mode, from “the wretched Sewers of Stygia to the dilapidated ruins of Hotel Elysium and the open spaces of Villa,” while two new Echo mode maps will also be introduced, namely ‘Crash Site’ and ‘Guns of Stygia.’

Two new Leash enhancements, the Flamingo and the Pulp, will also be included in Gun Sonata.

This content will become available this ‘Spring’ for 800 MS Points via Xbox LIVE Marketplace, and $7.99 on the PlayStation Network.

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