RAGE is coming and this trailer doesn’t mess around

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RAGE Logo 1

So, there’s this game called RAGE, from id Software. It’s a first-person shooter set in a post-apocalyptic world, with mutants and underground tunnels and upgrades and behemoths and so forth.

“Ho ho.” You cackle. “I liked that game better when it was called Fallout 3!

raucous laughter

Yeah. Maybe.

But not only has RAGE been in development for many years (extending past the announcement of Fallout 3 and Borderlands, too), and is being created by id Software, can Fallout 3 do this?

RAGE – Untethered Trailer

RAGE is due for release on September 13th 2011 in the US, and September 15th in the UK and Europe. Rifle through El33tonline’s previous coverage to discover hugely impressive screenshots, more trailers and tons more information.

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