Picturesque (and bloody) Bulletstorm screenshots explode on the scene

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The release of People Can Fly’s Bulletstorm is very near, and when this insanely action-crammed first-person shooter hits in two week’s time it’s going to be tough to think about it without images of crimson viscera splattering all over your screen.

So while we’re still a little ways away from launch, why not take a moment to enjoy a few chilled stills taken from the game to remember that Bulletstorm isn’t only about making a half-dozen enemies explode in the air while kicking, sliding and destroying a half-dozen other brutal foes, all in one action sequence.

Bulletstorm Screenshot 1

But yeah: that’s what it’s really about:

Bulletstorm Screenshot 2

Bulletstorm Screenshot 3

Bulletstorm Screenshot 4

Bulletstorm Screenshot 5

Bulletstorm Screenshot 6

Bulletstorm Screenshot 7

Bulletstorm Screenshot 8

Bulletstorm is scheduled for launch on February 22nd in North America and February 25th in the UK and Europe. Rifle through El33tonline’s previous looks at Bulletstorm to see even more screenshots, a megaton of gameplay videos, and more information.

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