Third Anarchy Reigns character revealed with trailer, screenshots and art

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Meet ‘Big Bull,’ a four year old, extremely tall and heavy Cybrid creature with a giant ‘Jet Hammer’ for a weapon, and the third character to be introduced for Platinum Games’ upcoming Anarchy Reigns multiplayer brawling game!

Anarchy Reigns Screenshot 1

You can meet two other Anarchy Reigns characters, Sasha and Zero, over here, but you can get better looks at Big Bull with more images and a quick and awesome in-game trailer below:

Anarchy Reigns ‒ Big Bull Character Trailer

  • Name: Big Bull
  • Age: 4 (Years since brain transfer. Biological age at transfer: 31)
  • Height: 2.88 meters / 9’4”
  • Weight: 1300 kg. / 2866 lbs.
  • Species: Cybrid (Brain is only remaining organic tissue)
  • Weapon: Jet Hammer: By releasing the safety locks restraining the Bull suit’s propulsion system, the engine becomes a giant hammer.

Anarchy Reigns Screenshot 2

Anarchy Reigns Art 1

Anarchy Reigns Art 2

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