Meet two Anarchy Reigns characters with latest trailer, screenshots and art!

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Platinum Games and SEGA are all set to bring Anarchy Reigns to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this year, and to further introduce us to the brutal wasteland world of this multiplayer brawling game, the pair have unleashed new information on two of the playable characters included in the action.

Anarchy Reigns Banner Logo

You can meet the ice queen, Sasha, with a hectic gameplay trailer in which she slices and dices enemies with a range of ice attacks (what else?), and you can also have a look at the tough-looking cyborg ninja, Zero, with some character art, screenshots and another excellent gameplay video:


Anarchy Reigns – Sasha Trailer

Anarchy Reigns Screenshot 3


Anarchy Reigns – Zero Trailer

Anarchy Reigns Screenshot 1

Anarchy Reigns Screenshot 2

Anarchy Reigns Art Image 1

Anarchy Reigns Art Image 2

Anarchy Reigns Art Image 3

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