Test Drive Unlimited 2 car customisation showcase video does its job

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February will see the release of Atari and Eden Games’ highly ambitious ‘massively open online racing’ game, Test Drive Unlimited 2, and the pair hope to deliver a title that effortlessly simulates not only the feel of racing, but the lifestyle of living on an exotic island while socialising with other online players, while customising your avatar and in-game home, experiencing the realistic weather systems and car damage, and progressing through the game’s story.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 Screenshot 4

Test Drive Unlimited 2 will also feature extensive car customisation capabilities, allowing you to make your vehicles your own by changing basically every visual aspect, from the body colour and decals to the car’s interior, too.

Some of the customisation possibilities in Test Drive Unlimited 2 are admirably showcased in a new trailer, which we’ve included for you below:

Test Drive Unlimited 2 – Car Customization Trailer

Test Drive Unlimited 2 is all ready for its launch on February 8th in North America, and February 11th in Europe, the UK and South Africa. The game will be available for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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