Disney Epic Mickey Review (Wii)

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Disney Epic Mickey had a lot of expectation and promise riding with it before release, as well as a lot of talent and financial support what with game industry luminary Warren Spector heading up the title’s creative vision, and the backing of a multibillion dollar in the Disney Company.

As an adventure game that takes players across several different exotic locations (all based on Disney franchises and areas of the Disney Land/World theme parks) and allows you to meet a vast array of characters from Disney cartoons gone by, Disney Epic Mickey is an extremely rich title, filled with history, detail, care and vibrance.

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As an action platform game, however, Disney Epic Mickey has a good amount of issues that make the richness of the title a little difficult to access, and with a fairly serious case of schizophrenia it becomes less and less of a value proposition.

Give it a chance to shine, though, and the game will reward you with its wonderful characters, world, atmosphere and story, and at the very least live up to its promise in bursts, glimmers and glimpses. Despite its problems, Disney Epic Mickey provides one of the most memorable experiences in recent memory, with an addictive quality largely missing from Wii (and even blockbuster) games today.

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